Friday, January 11, 2008

Moto-Azabu, Roppongi Hills

The oh-so-exclusive Nishimachi International School invited D for a "wait-list" screening. It took about 45 minutes and I haven't heard from the school since, but it was a good excuse to explore the lovely Moto-Azabu area of Minato-ku, sort of northeast of where we live. We stopped at this playground for a bit before continuing on through the pretty side streets and then onto the mega-complex known as Roppongi Hills, which has offices, apartments, restaurants, shops, cafes, a cinema (now showing I Am Legend and The Simpsons Movie, not dubbed), a Grand Hyatt hotel, and, best of all, a giant spider:

The main attraction in Roppongi Hills, though, is the 54-story Mori tower. You can pay to go up to the top floor for a great view of the city (and Mt. Fuji on a clear day). Time mag's bureau (which I hope to visit next week) is on the 34th floor. I took the kids to a katsu restaurant on the 5th floor (see post below).

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