Thursday, January 3, 2008

a week of firsts

Saw our first homeless guy this afternoon. He was hanging out in this little playground that is up the road from our apartment building. He had one of those carts piled high with stuff and a boombox that he was keeping on this little concrete deck that I think is this playground's best feature. You walk up a small flight of steps and there are three stump-like concrete seats and a railing. I tried to designate it as our new clubhouse but the boys didn't go for it. D said it couldn't be our clubhouse because it didn't have a table or a TV. We really have to wean those kids from the tube...Anyway the place does have some impressive monkey bars (the kind that was probably outlawed in the U.S. sometime in the 70s), a pair of swings, a slide and some benches. Alas, no shock-absorbing black mats, just good old-fashioned packed dirt/gravel! (That's not worrisome, nope, not at all...)

Speaking of tubes, Colgate toothpaste is only two bucks here! Of course it's the size of my pinky. Kidding. It's regular size.

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